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The beauty of Slimbridge

We’d been to Slimbridge about four years ago and I was struck by the beauty and sheer wilderness of this place. Then I had difficulty telling one kind of bird species from another; this time around I managed just a bit better. Although truth be told we felt a little out of it with our really useless binoculars compared to other people who’d come armed with enough tripods, cameras and state-of-the art binoculars to launch several space-ships.

Anyway I digress. It is the peacefulness of the place (if you shut everyone else out), the dramatic winter colours and textures, the variety of birds that, despite the cold, keep us coming back.


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A long time ago…

Heron sitting on the tall tree tops.It doesn’t seem like two weeks ago since I went to the Wildfowl and Wetlands place at Slimbridge but it has been. Last week was spent at work and me asking myself whether anyone really appreciates the work you do when being put right in it! Still I survived the week and the weather.

Have spent a lot of time today noting the comings and goings on the bird table. As well as a Great Tit and Blue Tits can be counted a squirrel and a cat who has now decided that it really is nice to sit inside the bird table…

Anyway, the Heron visited the gardens around us, over a week ago, before the snowy spells. It really is a fantastic sight to see it fly across. You can just about make out the Heron sitting on the top of the trees. My camera is pretty powerful but this was the best shot it could take.


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More and more birds…

Spent the OH’s birthday at the beautiful Wetland and Wildfowl place in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. There were birds in their thousands and I have hopefully added to my identification list: lapwings, pintail ducks, shelducks and a harrier (very late and we were trying to pack as much in as we could for the final five minutes before we got chucked out at closing time.) A place to take your breath away. Colours outstanding against the cold winter sky. It was very cold. I keep saying I’ll upload photos and I will, it’s just one of those things…

The birds certainly like our seed feeder – hardly any seeds left and it has only been up less than a week.

13 February 2012 – These photos are about two weeks old but I’ve now got time to upload a few of the best taken from this wonderful place…

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